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 (The list of carefully chosen sites that may be of interest to you.)

Health Related Search Engines

Family Medicine Online Search Keyword searches access news items, full text journal articles, and AAFP sponsored patient education handouts.
Healthfinder (tm) - a gateway consumer health and human services information web site.
InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information The major content of this comprehensive health site is in the Health Library, which contains the Johns Hopkins Encyclopedia: including Adult Health (the heart of this A - Z encyclopedia), Pediatrics, Allergy, Nutrition, Fitness, and more; Ask-the-Doc: searchable answers to thousands of questions; Medications: a drug database - the U.S. Pharmacopeia, including (when available) educational leaflets, photographs of pills, and information from medicine charts that show dosage variations; and even more.
MedExplorer is a free health/medical search engine for Healthcare Professionals, patients and their families. There are no membership or registration requirements. 28 searchable categories, over 140 searchable newsgroups, searchable Classifieds and the MedExplorer Bookstore and Conferences.
Find specific medical information, photographs, radiology images, audio and video files from thousands of the Web's best pages.
MedHunt Flexible search features, provides some annotations.
Detailed information on medical professional conferences with on-line registration.
Medical World Search Search full text nearly 100,000 Web pages from thousands of SELECTED medical sites.
Medivista - Medizin und Gesundheit: Die erste medizinische Suchmaschine Erfolgreich suchen im Bereich Medizin & Gesundheit - Medizinindex Deutschland, a Searchable Guide to Internet Medicine ...
MedWebPlus  is a free service designed to help users sift through the ever growing amounts of data of/on/about or in any way regarding, the health sciences.
The MMRL: Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library, a virtual medical library
Links healthcare employers and jobseekers. Job Search, Employer Profiles, Resume databank.
Free search access to abstracts from a large collection of multispecialty journals from this major medical publisher. Searches can be limited to title, abstract, or full text, individual journals, combinations of journals and journal, categories, date, etc. Fee-based access to full text.
Search Healthdirectory from  Internet Sleuth - The greatest complex- & metasearch engine with over 3000 searchable databases.
Welcome to GrantsNet Scientists in training - grad students, postdocs, and junior faculty members - are especially vulnerable in this era of competitive funding. We urge you to use this database, which will have over 350 programs by year-end.

 Lists of Medical Internet Resources

100hot Health and Fitness
Bitstream's Medical Links These cover a variety of issues, including: Parkinson's Disease, Mental Health, Influenza, Cardiac Disorders, Cancer, and the list goes on. Check it out if you're interested.
candMED - medical link navigator is a free and non profit directory of medical links. Beside medical links we included links for the daily use like: news and information, hardware and software support find people... This site was designed for medical students, health care providers and professionals all over the world.
Consilium Medicum 
eGroups : Health Free Mailing Lists and Newsletters from eGroup Directory | Section Health
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
Health Medicine  My Virtual Encyclopedia. Health And Medicine.
Health Related Newsgroups
Insurance Medical Directors and the Internet
International Medical Libraries on the Web
Medical Institutions in Ukraine, Former SU and around the World
Medical Links There are many more good sources of information, which are divided into eight categories.
Medical Matrix Large, searchable, peer reviewed, rated, and annotated directory of Internet clinical medicine resources. See also their Stat Search - a meta-search page that allows users to search any of fifteen external resources. Well worth filling out the free registration form that's required the first time your computer visits the site.
Medical resources от
Medical Schools List from Deutsche Zentralbibliothek fuer Medizin
Medicine and Dentistry Mailing Lists from Mailbase.
Medicine in Ukraine [by Dima Ledin]
medlux.* newsgroups hierarhy
MedMark: Medical Bookmarks Top Medical Resources by Specialty.
RLML Medical Bookmarks
Prime Medical Net  We offer credible resources to medical professionals in their quest to establish and maintain quality of life for their patients.
Russian Medical Server - Каталог Медицинских Ресурсов России
science.komm: life science and medical directory Life science and medical journals, publishers and online resources
UKRMED Directory - The Medical Sites in Ukraine / УКРМЕД - Каталог медичних сайтів в Україні Collection of Medical and Related to Health Science Sites in Ukraine.
UMHS Health Topics A to Z
Virtual Medical CenterMartindale's Health Science Guide.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Public Health
WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences: Medicine
Yale Library: Selected Internet Resources in Biomedicine

News Services

Analysis of the surveys - Surveying the Internet Usage for medical/health purposes The results of HON's March-April '99 survey
CNN Health
The Health News and Information Directory  Categorized, consumer-directed health news items and abstracts from UPI and other news sources.
Medical News Major medical news stories sorted monthly.
Medical News - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Medicine on the Net The monthly resource for healthcare professionals. - News for the MDThe most current medical news for physicians practicing Internal Medicine, and allow them to accurately and efficiently search the Web for medical information, share and discuss ideas with fellow specialists.
Modern Healthcare A weekly business news magazine that offers daily news briefings and articles for healthcare management. Full text.
MSNBC Health News 
New medical sites of the week

Reuters Health InformationSource of daily medical and health-related news written for the healthcare professional. Includes a "Case of the Week" and links to medical sites reviewed by Reuters physician editors. Fully searchable news. Registration required, free.
USA TODAY: Health 
Yahoo! News Health Reuters
Your Health Daily Daily health news, database of health topics, searchable, discussion groups, and resource lists.

Meetings, Conferences & other Events

CONIFER Global Health Calendar - HealthWorld Online Global Health Calendar is leading comprehensive resource with hundreds of health and fitness events covering the full spectrum of conferences, seminars and classes worldwide in searchable database. Free listings
Health On the Net (HON): Conferences and Events Conferences and events related to the medical domain are listed by days, months and years.
Medical conferences
Medical Conferences Home Page provides detailed information on nearly 7,000 up-coming conferences, updated daily, accessible through an easy to use search mechanism and details of over 2700 conference/congress organizers.
Medical Meetings, Doctor Conferences, CME Events  Searchable Database of Medical Meetings, Conferences and CME Events, happening internationally.
Welcome to MedMeetings! Users access a meetings archive and limit selections by medical specialty, disease topic, date range, region, etc.

Internet Guides

Basic Internet for the Medical Librarian, Part I: General Internet Information and Part II: Internet Information Access Resources Complete Home Medical Guide The 3rd edition, 1995, of this fine general medical reference book is now online and searchable. CHMG has 34 chapters in six major sections: using our health care system; wellness; symptoms & diagnosis; first aid & safety; treatment & prevention; and drugs & their use.
Do Healthcare Providers Need the Internet? An Introduction to Cyberspace for Medical Professionals.
Doctor's Guide to the Internet HomePage
Martindale's Health Science Guide
A Patient's Guide to Healthcare Information on the Internet A step-by-step guide to researching (with annotated links) medical information on the Internet. It covers resources, reference sites, finding support, current medical news, and medical terminology as well as the use of supporting tools such as search engines, meta search tools, Usenet, and chat.
Physician's Guide to the Internet  Links and information to enhance doctors' personal and professional lives including patient and practice management, medline, cme, jobs, personal finance, medical metings, doctors' marriages, physician health and well-being, arts, entertainment, travel.
Ways to find medical information on the Internet This page aims to give you a brief overview and some starting points for finding medical and health sciences information on the Internet. It includes World Wide Web, electronic mail and other networked resources such as Medline.

Top General Medical Sites

American Academy of Family Physicians Home Page
American International Health Alliance - AIHA
American Lung Association -- Asthma -- General Information Index  Since 1904, the American Lung Association has been working to ensure that all Americans breathe easier. Our mission is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health. This goal is crucial.
American Medical Association
  is the Internet community for biological & medical researchers.  BioMedNet features hundreds of online biological & medical full text journals, free Evaluated Medline, jobs, biology databases and Galapagos Bookshop
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Table of contents and index to clinical information on the Web. This is a remarkable resource! (Pick the 'diseases' option, then 'musculoskeletal', for orthopedic discussions.)
Cyberspace Telemedical Office
The Doctors' Page - Patient Education on the Net is a consumer-focused interactive Web site which provides users with comprehensive healthcare information on a wide variety of subjects, as well as access to medical databases, other publications, real-time medical news, interactive communities, interactive tools and opportunities to purchase healthcare-related products and services online. Our online health network consists of affiliate relationships with online portals, other Web sites, local health organizations and traditional media outlets.
The Global Health Network Includes links to public health information, funding opportunities, and jobs, as well as specific focus areas such as minority health, molecular epidemiology, population and reproductive health.
Health On the Net Foundation  A directory of professional-level healthcare websites, featuring a search directory, newsletter, forums,  chatrooms, continuing education and classified ads for the healthcare professional, help with the Internet.
HealthSeek.Com This popular and award winning healthcare community site is frequented daily by hundreds of care giving professionals, medical patients, consumers and ordinary people. The site offers a rich set of features and important resources, as well as monthly "spotlighted" websites and client offerings, to make each users experience pleasant, informative and fun.
HealthWorld Online This is a commercial site which charges for some of its services, but provides over 30,000 pages of free information to consumers and professionals. The texts available are written by experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, medical self-care, wellness, natural health and alternative medicine. Free services include access to the Medline database, "Today's Healthy News" (a Daily health newsfeed), a global health calendar, a professional referral network, discussion forums, and a "Healthy Update" electronic newsletter.
  provides links to specific, evaluated information resources on the World-Wide Web selected by librarians and information professionals at leading academic medical centers.
Internet Mental Health
MD Consult: Clinical Information For Physicians More than 50 medical publishers and societies, including founders Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Mosby, and W.B. Saunders, have contributed clinical content to MD Consult -- more than 135 leading, peer-reviewed publications in all.
MedConnect Information Services for the Medical Community.
Medscape The #1 Free Internet Medical Site.
Medical Education World Wide Web Medical Education Resource
MediSwitch Portal! The leading provider of eServices for the medical community.
multimedica - der Onlinedienst fuer Aerzte und Apotheker Recherche in 34 Fachzeitschriften Lexika u. Adressdatenbanken; Expertenrat innerhalb 48 h; Fort- und Weiterbildung; Kongressinformationen; Ratgeber Wirtschaft und Recht; Infolines; News.

The Consumer Health Page for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)--administered by the NIH Office of Communications and Public Liaison.
OMNI - Organizing Medical Networked Information. The UK's gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources.
PersonalMD.Com - Your trusted resource for better managing your health.
As the only Internet-based online service dedicated to the physician community, Physician's Online (POL) is pleased to be able to provide physicians with free access to our core services, including MEDLINE, email, private physician discussion groups, full text medical news articles, financial news, stock quote services and much more.
Public Health Training Network (PHTN) The Public Health Training Network (PHTN) site offers an on-line catalog of courses and resources, information about upcoming public health related distance learning events, downloadable software, and background information on the PHTN.
Sharp HealthCare On-line
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
The Visible Human Project
Ukrainian Medical Association of North America
Visible Embryo Splash  A comprehensive resource of information on human development from conception to birth, designed for both medical student and interested lay people.
Welcome to HealthOpps Whether you are a health care professional seeking a new employment challenge, a human resources or recruitment professional, or an interested observer, you will find HealthOpps can provide you with opportunities, information, and research assistance.
Welcome to MedForum.- medicine, doctors, medical, medical journal, support groups.
Welcome to Med TechNet
WHO/OMS: World Health Organization

Virtual Pediatric Hospital

The Best Specialty Categorized Sites

Best Medical Informatic Resource List
Best Dentistry Resource List

A.D.A.M. Demonstration Site
Allergy And Immunology Internet and Medline Search Engine 
America's Cosmetic Surgery Specialists  Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures including liposuction, breast enlargement, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, laser skin resurfacing, tummy tuck, and refractive eye surgery or laser vision correction with a geographic directory of board certified plastic surgeons.
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons On-Line
American Heart Association National Center
American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Anatomy tutorials Anatomy of the larynx, vertebral column, shoulder, sciatic, obturator, pudendal nerves, skull and blood supply to brain.
Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc.
Australian Herpes Management Forum Contains essential facts, cases, images, detailed discussions, and management guidelines about the herpesviruses and genital herpes, shingles, chickenpox, etc.
BioChemNet: Biology & Chemistry Educational Resources BioMedNetBioMedNet is the Internet community for biological & medical researchers.  BioMedNet features hundreds of online biological & medical full text journals, free Evaluated Medline, jobs, biology databases and Galapagos Bookshop.
The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource The Body covers every aspect of HIV and AIDS from the medical to the social, and hosts over 40 top AIDS groups. Free interactive Q&A with experts and the Loel Poor Photo Exhibit.
CancerEducation: Splash Page  Cancer education resource for healthcare professionals, cancer patients and healthy family members to improve cancer care through up-to-date and accurate educational programming, information on clinical trials, Webcasts, and streaming audio and video presentations. 
CELLS alive! Images, video, and text describing living human and animal cells, and their interaction with bacteria and parasites.
Diabetes - Doctor's Guide to the Internet The latest medical news and information for patients or friends/parents of patients diagnosed with diabetes and diabetes-related disorders.
Drug Monitor  Diverse topics in Clinical Pharmacy / Pharmacology aimed at the clinical professional. The topics include aminoglycosides and vancomycin monitoring, diuretics, magnesium, troglitazone, metformin, immunosuppressants, sequential antibiotic therapy, pharmacokinetics tutorial, clinical tools, etc.
EndocrineWeb Patient-directed text reviews and schematics on thyroid, parathyroid osteoporosis, diabetes physiology and disease management.
Endometriosis Zone (Zeneca Online Network for Education) The Endometriosis Zone has been designed as an educational service, an information resource and an interactive Forum for discussion of Endometriosis by gynaecologists and medical professionals world-wide. (Simple registration required).
European Society of Gynecology/Societe Europeenne de Gynecologie The European Society of gynecology produces medical , scientific , and practical informations for health professionals : congress list , news , abstracts , presentation and registration to its manifestations and more...
Family Medicine OnlineInformation about family physicians and the medical specialty of family practice.
Family Practice Notebook A compendium of interlinked notes on approaches to common problems seen in Family Practice with supporting images, references and patient education.
GASNet Anesthesiology Home Page  Educational Synopses, the online journal of anesthesia, the Global Textbook of Anesthesiology, abstracts, book reviews, a digital video library, software and more.
Global Cardiology Network
Guide to InterNet Resources for Cancer This guide contains over 100 pages of links to cancer related information. Many sites contain information for both the public and for health professionals. For your convenience sites which are intended exclusively for health professionals are labelled as such.
Human Genome Program Home Page
Index Virum - an Index to ICTV approved Virus Families, Subfamilies, Genera and Species
Infection UpdateCurrent articles on state of knowledge and practice in the field of infection and chemotherapy.
Lung Cancer Online Home Page
multimedica - der Onlinedienst fuer Aerzte und Apotheker  Recherche in 34 Fachzeitschriften Lexika u. Adressdatenbanken; Expertenrat innerhalb 48 h; Fort- und Weiterbildung; Kongressinformationen; Ratgeber Wirtschaft und Recht; Infolines; News; HOS multimedica Health Online Service GmbH &Co.
Nadcisnienie tetnicze
The National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Hematology Research Centre / Гематологический Научный Центр РАМН
Needy Meds. The Place to Learn About Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Drug Assistance Programs.
NephroWorld - The whole world of Nephrology
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology on the Internet A guide for medical students, residents, and other health professionals.  Neurosciences on the Internet contains a searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the World Wide Web and other parts of the Internet.  Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases are covered.
Neurosurgery://On-Call is jointly owned and operated by The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS). The site provides a comprehensive look at the clinical and socioeconomic issues surrounding the practice of neurosurgery. It features information about the two sponsoring organizations, patient education resources, the on-line journal Neurosurgical Focus, scientific meeting abstracts, clinical updates, and special interest bulletin boards.
Nurse's PDR Resource Center
OncoLink: A University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource.
Online Allergy Center  The Allergy Center devotes itself to discovering the cause of allergies and related disorders.
OrthoGuide.comOrthopaedic Search Engine and Orthopedic Surgery Custom Medline Searching.
Orthopaedic Yellow Pages
Otolaryngology Resources on the Internet
PEDINFO Home Page An Index of the Pediatric Internet
Pediatrics: Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults |  The General Pediatrician's View of the Internet. The goal of is to provide a starting point for entry into General Pediatrics places of enlightenment and education on the Internet.
Pharmaceutical Online News and product updates for professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry- Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, and supplies and discussion forum, online chat, newsletter and software.
Plastic Surgery--Medical Professionals Information in this area has been developed for international plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals to provide them with more information about the specialty of plastic surgery.
Russian Server of Anaesthesiologists The website provides patients, family members, and caregivers with information on schizophrenia and related mental illnesses.
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine STFM Mission Statement: To enhance family medicine education by developing and supporting a community of educatiors, scholars, and clinicians.
Janeros - Heart disease site for cardiology and cardiovascular medicine specialists New AdditionTransWeb:  All About Transplantation and Donation.
Women's Cancer Network  Educating women on ways to prevent the development of gynecologic cancer. Assisting women who have developed cancer, as well as their families, to understand more about the disease, learn about treatment options, and gain access to new or experimental therapies.
Woman's Diagnostic Cyber Physician medical women's health gynecology online advice and diagnosis of women's health diseases and conditions.
WorldOrtho - The Ultimate Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Website

Online Books

An Introduction to Basic Dermatology A hypertext book from the University of Iowa.
  Невелика, проте корисна книжка по дослідженню об'єктивного статуса пацієнта.
Books On-line: Medicine
CHORUS Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology.
Electronic Textbook of Dermatology
This is an electronic textbook for medical students and orthopaedic residents/registrars.
Emedicine's Online Textbooks  Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine and Surgery, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics Textbooks that can be used free-of-charge by medical practitioners and the public, that allow unlimited downloading of thousands of x-rays, color illustrations, and pictures.
  A handbook that covers the management of war related injuries and relevant medical therapies and surgical procedures.
Gist of Emergency Medicine A published text directed at oral board exam candidates and emergency room physicians to provide a quick clinical reference and enhance trouble-shooting skills. Downloadable compressed zip file. 1998 edition.
Gynecologic Oncology Pathology Manual An online review of neoplastic and non-neoplastic epithelial disorders of the female genital tract.
A reference for information on signs and symptoms, underlying pathophysiology, recommendations on treatment, and "clinical pearls" on more than 80 of the most common eye diseases.
Health and Health Care 2010  To recognize the 25th anniversary of its founding, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation asked the Institute for the Future (IFTF) to forecast the future of health and health care in America. The purpose of the forecast is to provide the reader with a description of critical factors that will influence health and health care in the first decade of the 21st century. In this book, we have singled out the trends most likely to influence the course of Americans' health and the state of the American health care delivery system between now and the year 2010. The drivers of this system are relatively stable and predictable from now to 2005. Beyond 2005, and through to 2010, the future of health and health care is much more volatile.
  An outline format of a published work that offers a subject and drug index and covers aspects of anatomy, neonatology, pharmacology, resuscitation, caesarean section, etc.
Medical Genetics Textbook Sample pages of a published work that offers clinical commentaries, exams, photographs, and movies of patients with various genetic disorders.
The Merck Manual (16th edition, 1992) is a well-known diagnostic handbook. Unfortunately, it is out-of-date and the site has pulled it. They promise the 17th edition (1999) will be made available on the site in mid-1999.
Neurosurgery Residents' Online Handbook 
Presents best practice guidelines categorized by specialty. Some guidelines are available in Word 7 format (executable files).
Pediatric Surgery Handbook for Residents and Medical Students  A Handbook to seek information on Pediatric Surgery related topics.
   Introduction to using clinical guidelines, clinical content listing, and other patient care resources.

MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology - Imaging Appearances of Common Pediatric Diseases

Textbooks For Patients Pediatric Common Questions Quick Answers

This manual is designed to assist those who treat women with gynecologic problems and offer guidance for the continuing care of these women, particularly in isolated settings where gynecologic consultation is not readily available.

Virtual Pediatric Patients:Common Clinical Problems in Pediatrics The Virtual Pediatric Patient. A Digital Storytelling System for Teaching Common Pediatric Problems.
Wydawnictwo Medycyna Praktyczna

Online Periodic Letters, Journals, Articles, Reviews, etc.

eBMJ, British Medical Journal home page
Electronic Journals The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library offers a variety of electronic journals to University of Utah users both from this page, and through our online catalog.
eMJA The Medical Journal of Australia
Healthcare Informatics Brief full text articles from the most widely circulated journal on healthcare information technologies.
HighWire Press We deliver scientific and medical research online in high-quality web environments. Our mission is to change scientific communication through the use of internet technology.
Hospital Practice
Internet Journal of Ophthalmology A peer-reviewed journal with practical reviews, original investigations, and articles that cover new findings, procedures and interesting cases. Full text.
Internet Scientific Publications (ISPUB), On-Line Journals (Full text).
  International Scientific Journal for Medical Research, Information and Communication on the Internet.
Journal Club on the Web is a forum where health care professionals can discuss articles from the recent medical literature.
The Lancet Interactive The international journal of medical science. You can find the full text of selected articles online, plus an editorial, commentary, news, case report, viewpoint, and more. Registration (free) is required, as is an e-mail address.
LINK Alert Service - Subscribe - Medicine Online Library Full text medical journals (PDF format). Fee subscription.
Medical Education Online is a forum for disseminating information on educating physicians and other health professionals. Manuscripts on any aspect of the process of training health professionals will be considered for peer-reviewed publication in an electronic journal format.
A specialty categorized hyperlinked list of publishers' web sites for peer evaluated medical journals.
Medical Journals - WebMedLit  Providing efficient access to the best medical journals on the web. WebMedLit scans premier medical web sites each day and extracts the available citations, abstracts and full-text articles.
Medicine InformationОгляд публікацій по різних галузях медицини від
MEDLINE Journals With Links to Publisher Web Sites  This is a list of the journals in MEDLINE for which publishers have provided links to their journal Web sites. Web-based journals usually contain the full-text of the original article, but this is not always the case. It varies by publisher and journal.
MedWeb: Electronic Publications
Modern Physician Journal articles from a monthly business news magazine written for physician executives. Full text.
"Media Sphere" Russian Publishers present medical journals (most full text): Antibiotics and chemotherapy, Bulletin of dermatology and venerology, Bulletin of otorhinolaringology, Problems of Nutrition, Korsakov's journal of neurology and psychiatry, Cardiology, Problems of reproduction, Diseases prevention and health promotion, Russian bulletin of perinatology and pediatrics, Stomatology, Surgery, Endoscopic surgery.
Mosby Periodicals Home Page We invite you to browse through our extensive collection of medical, nursing, dental, and allied health periodicals. Tables of Content and abstracts available for all periodicals and full text for many.
  A bimonthly journal that includes articles on topics such as neurological critical care, rehabilitation, stroke, and neurodegenerative diseases. Full text.
New England Journal of Medicine Weekly on-line version of the NEJM.

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Articles about topics and controversies that affect nursing practice, research, and education. Full text.
This is a monthly letter targeting identified problematic therapeutic issues (brief, simple, practical messages).

ZBMed Volltextzeitschriften

Bibliography-, Patents- and Other Medical Databases

A-1 database on vaccines and daily vaccine news - The Vaccine Page  The Vaccine Page is a serious attempt to collect all useful information about vaccines and immunology, organize it meaningfully, present it appropriately for each of several distinct audiences, and above all, keep it up to date.
Cinahl Information Systems Cinahl Information Systems, publisher of the celebrated CINAHL. database, has been  serving the needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals for over 40 years.
The Cochrane Library is an electronic publication designed to supply high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels.
A database produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government. Provides titles, abstracts, and availability information for health information and health education resources. Currently covers 18 topics, from AIDS Education to Weight Control. Updated quarterly. Simple and detailed searches available.
Всесвітньовідомий збірник повнотекстових статей по різних галузях наук, включаючи клінічну медицину. На цьому сайті можна безкоштовно здійснити пошук бібліографічних даних за останній рік.
DARE is a database of high quality systematic research reviews of the effectiveness of health care interventions.
Databases: Patent Full-Text and Bibliographic
DynaMed Dynamic Medical Information System. A Medical Information Database with over 2000 diseases. Designed for use at the point of care and updated daily. Free registration required.
E.R. WATCH This database has over 30,000 emergency room cases records from the most recent month available (usually a 6-10 week time-lag.) It presents the product-related injuries collected by 100 government-designated hospitals during a one month period by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Data includes age, sex, date, body part injured, type of product involved, diagnosis, location of accident, whether work-related, and disposition of case.
Free Access to the Ovid Database of the Month
The world`s most trusted database of medicine. For online use fee 89$. Available free trial use for 4 week .
The HTA Database contains abstracts produced by INAHTA (International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment) and other healthcare technology agencies.
This article first addresses the most useful free databases, then describes national patent agency resources, commercial patent databases, then other commercial services. At the end of this article, we describe patent classification and patent search strategy.

Data Bank of In Vitro Techniques in Toxicology
The collection includes fifty-six bibliographic and full text databases covering aging, AIDS, cancer, dentistry, diseases, drugs, ethics, health, healthcare, medical devices, medicine, nursing, nutrition, oncology, pharmacology, psychology, research & development, various medical specialties, and much more.
National Library of Medicine's MEDLINEplus This directory site is designed to lead the user to resources containing information that will help with researching their health questions. It includes information from MEDLINE, links to self-help groups, medical dictionaries, directories of doctors and hospitals, access to National Institute of Health consumer-related organizations, clearinghouses, health-related organizations, and a search databases section with dozens of databases on topics such as clinical trials, nutrition, AIDS, cancer, etc.
NCI CANCERLIT. Bibliographic Database Standard Search Form
The NHS Economic Evaluation Database is a database of structured abstracts of economic evaluations of health care interventions. Cost-benefit analyses, cost-effectiveness analyses and cost-utility analyses are identified from a variety of sources and assessed according to set quality criteria. Detailed structured abstracts are produced.
NN/LM's Training Materials NN/LM staff create training materials for those who wish to learn how to use the Internet and National Library of Medicine resources.
MEDLINE Resource Centre
Medline Search database of more than 8.8 million references to articles published in 3800 biomedical journals.
MEDtutor is intended to provide both an introduction to general  features of MEDLINE, and a guide to specific searching techniques within the OVID MEDLINE system.
MIT-BIH Database Distribution Home Page We supply databases of recorded physiologic signals and software for analyzing, viewing, and creating such recordings. These resources have been developed to support our own research into subjects such as cardiac arrhythmia detection, heart rate variability, ECG data compression, cardiovascular and pulmonary dynamics, and AI-based medical decision support for intensive care.
NLM Online Databases and Databanks MEDLARS. (MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) is the computerized system of databases and databanks offered by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). A person may search the computer files either to produce a list of publications (bibliographic citations) or to retrieve factual information on a specific question. MEDLARS databases are used by universities, medical schools, hospitals, government agencies, commercial and nonprofit organizations, and private individuals.
PANTELEIMON. Medical and Biological Databases 

  "PANTELEIMON" - free databases of medical, medical-biological, chemical-pharmaceutical and chemical publications, dissertations abstracts and institutions in Ukraine and Russian Federation.
Pediatric Database (PEDBASE) Homepage The Shareware Version of this Pediatric Database is freely distributed and may be downloaded .
PubMed NLM's (National Library of Medicine) search service to access the 10,000,000 biomedical journal citations to research biomedical questions. in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases.
PubMed and Internet Grateful Med Training Manuals Training materials for PubMed and Internet Grateful Med that correspond with the NLM's National Online Training Center training courses are available for downloading in PDF, PostScript and WordPerfect 6.1 formats
PubMed online guides Online PubMed guides, training manuals, search tips, tutorials and FAQs.
PubMed Central  FREE full text can now be viewed in PubMed Central, both as HTML through your web browser and as downloadable PDFs. Features include: links from article reference citations to PubMed abstracts, figures sized for on-screen viewing, and support for supplementary information such as data tables, streaming video, and high-resolution images.
RxList  The Internet Drug Index

Medical Dictionaries and Glossaries

Acronyms for Health Information Resources Acronyms for global information and data resources in health, medical, and veterinary sciences. Linked acronyms point to selected related Web sites.
English/American Medical Record Abbreviations  Англо-русский словарь медицинских аббревиатур.
Managed Care Terminology, an A thru Z Glossary An extensive dictionary of commonly used terms in the medical provider, hospital and managed care industries.
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms This glossary of common and technical medical terms is available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. There is an English language dictionary for term definitions.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
On-line Medical Dictionary (CancerWEB) The On-line Medical Dictionary is a searchable dictionary of terms from medicine and related fields.
Online Dictionary of Mental Health is a global information resource and research tool covering all of the disciplines contributing to our understanding of mental health.
On-line Medical Dictionary The On-line Medical Dictionary is a searchable dictionary of terms from medicine and related fields.
Spellex Medical Spell Checker  Users enter words into the search window. The service offers possible corrections from a dictionary of thousands of medical words covering over 50 medical specialties.

Multimedia, Imaging

Access to the skills.fp3 Database  The aim of this database is to collect medias about the medical physical examination
Acuson Ultrasound CME Articles, images, and cases in radiology and cardiology ultrasound. Completion of a post-test provides a printable certificate.
Atlas Chromosome in Cancer  The Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology give concise and updated reviews on genes, cytogenetic and clinical entities in cancer, and on cancer-prone diseases; it is also a portal towards databases devoted to genomics and cancer. It is made for and by: cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, and geneticists in general, clinicians in oncology and in haematology, and pathologists.
Current Mosby CD-Online Titles Currently 22 Online-CD for health professionals. Registration required.
Computer Aided Learning Reviews An Internet-based cataloque of rewieved medical multimedia teaching resources. Resources include websites, CD-ROMs, discussion groups and ftp sites.
Dermatologic Image Database  The Image Database of the Dept. of Dermatology of the Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine provides images of skin disorders, and related information resources for the public, patients and medical professionals.
Diagnostic Imaging Online Monthly news, commentary, analysis, clinical reviews, product reports, and humor that cover medical imaging clinical and technical innovations, practice management issues, and economics.
The Chest X-ray Page The chest x-ray page is devoted to the art and science of thoracic imaging.(This site requires the Flash plug-in.)
CME, Continuing Medical Education, CME Unlimited, CME Audio, CME Video Cassettes for CME Credit
CyberPatient Simulator These highly interactive patient-care simulators are designed to help clinicians practice their skills at their convenience.
Health On the Net (HON): Medical Images & Movies
Interactive Medical CD-ROM Review Reviews of medical software including CD-ROM and Windows CE products
IU Dermatology Cases   IU VIRTUAL DERMATOLOGY: You're the doctor!  Users are presented with a number of virtual patients all with dermatologic complaints.  You can order laboratory and radiographic tests, order biopsies, and obtain pathology and radiology comsults before eventually arriving at your diagnosis.  A unique educational opportunity for medical students, primary care physicians, nurses, and anyone wishing to learn more about dermatology.
Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library - Software
Medslides / The world's premier site for medical slides. FREE registration required.
MRI Today This site is for those of you who are fascinated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Here at MRI Today we will be providing you with hundreds of MR Images directly from our scanner .  Weekly we will update our downloadable Pic of the week, so come back often.
Multimedia CatalogHighlights the Multimedia Collection of digital graphics developed by the Knowledge Weavers at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library as part of a National Library of Medicine grant.
Multimedialny Poradnik Lekarza Dyzurnego Program symulacyjny przypadkow naglych dla lekarza dyzurnego.
Multymedia Textbook of Normal Ultrasound Anatomy You need WhurlPlgin and QuickDraw 3D to see 3D object.
Neurological Eye Simulator This is the original neurological eye simulator that was developed and placed on the web in 1997  (enhanced Sept. 1999). It simulates interactive eye motion and allows various neurological pathologies to  be simulated. It requires the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in 6.0 or later.
Public Health Image Library, CDC, Atlanta, GA PHIL is an extensive collection of still images, image sets, and multimedia files related to public health. PHIL offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDCs pictures.  We welcome public health professionals, the media, laboratory scientists, educators, and the worldwide public to use this material for reference, teaching, presentation, and public health messages.
Scientific Movie Library - Medical
Stock Medical Illustration - Indexed Visuals  Searchable stock medical illustration resource. Searchable index of stock medical illustrations and images provided by professional medical illustrators and artists.
SyndroMan - Die interakive Diagnose  SyndroMan ist ein Trainingstool, um die Erkennung von komplexen Krankheitsbildern zu verbessern. Lassen Sie sich von Ihrem aerztlichen Instinkt leiten und untersuchen Sie SyndroMan gruendlich.
Virtual Human Gallery Introduction Gallery of three-dimensional anatomical structures rendered using the Visible Human application software for use by educators, students, healthcare professionals, and anyone else needing high-quality anatomical imagery.
VOXEL-MAN a comprehensive system for volume visualisation of medical image data like computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The VOXEL-MAN system - a tool for research, clinical work, and authoring; VOXEL-MAN 3D interactive atlases and VOXEL-MAN Junior.
Yale: Introduction to Cardiothoracic Imaging  Comprehensive overview of cardiothoracic imaging and major diseases, including over 700 diagnostic images, 100 original medical illustrations, and many animations and audiovisuals. Designed primarily for second-year medical students at Yale, the site may also be useful to science teachers, pre-med undergraduates, and anyone interested in the details of heart and lung imaging.
YourSurgery.Com provides synopsis of surgical procedures YourSurgery.Com is a multimedia database of operative procedures designed to educate an individual about his/her surgery. This site will explain surgical procedures with detailed text, illustrations, photos and animation.

Other Resources

Ars Medica Medical Software, CD ROM, Books, Videos  is an international distributor of multimedia titles for medical professionals, including medical books, medical journals, medical CD ROM, medical videos, medical slides, medical audio tapes and other medical software for Windows and the Macintosh.
Browse eGroups: Health & Medicine In Health & Medicine professionals and non-professionals discuss the latest information on fitness and drugs. Many people like to trade stories about how certain diseases and disabilities personally effect their lives. Look for the best support group for you.
The e-mail edition of Doctor's Guide will keep you up to date, on a weekly basis, about the latest medical news available at the Doctor's Guide Web site. Free subscriptions can be obtained by filling out the form.
ECFMG Home PageThe Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), through a program of certification, assesses the readiness of graduates of foreign medical schools to enter residency or fellowship programs in the United States that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
FindLaw Health Law WWW Sites An index of annotated links to sites that offer health law information.
The Foundation Center Online - Grantmaker Info Our Grantmaker Information directory comprises three broad categories: links, both direct and annotated, to nearly 900 grantmaker Web sites; highlights and excerpts from the Center's research on foundation giving; and a range of informational materials produced by individual foundations and hosted by the Center as part of its "Foundation Folder" program.
Funded Research
Grants and Funding
Grant Information Resources 
Health Level 7 Health Level Seven is one of several ANSI-accredited Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) operating in the healthcare arena.
Health On the Net (HON): HONcode: Principles in russian Information policies and management: Health On the Net Code of Conduct (HONcode) devoted to medical and health Websites.
HON: Browse the MeSH classification Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is a hierarchical structure of medical concepts from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The HON MeSH tool allows you to browse this hierarchical structure and for each term proposes a preformated search with MedHunt and MEDLINE.

Medfetch: Medline via E-mail weekly, monthly  A web-based software program for querying the world's greatest medical databases. As new information is added, MedFetch scans the database according to your search terms. Once you set  up an Automated Medline Query (AMQ), any NEW citation that is added to the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE which matches your search terms, will be e-mailed directly to you.
is a private collection of early medical items featuring cased surgical, medical, and dental instruments from the 1800's to the early 1900's.
Medical Subject Headings The Medical Subject Headings comprise NLM's controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles, for cataloging books and other holdings, and for searching MeSH-indexed databases, including MEDLINE. MeSH terminology provides a consistent way to retrieve information that may use different terminology for the same concepts.
The Microbiology file library is comprised of files in four categories:General, Graphics, Text files (Info), Tutorials.
Online Courses for Health Pre-Professionals
PracticeChoice Job Power Search. Locate jobs and practice opportunities represented by executive and medical staffing pofessionals with just a click of a computer mouse! - Comprehensive and Credible Health Information
Medical consumer information resource contains comprehensive and reliable content from trusted sources in patient-friendly language. Browse specific areas,
Medical Encyclopedia
Diseases and Conditions
Medical Symptoms
Medical Tests & Exams
Surgeries & Procedures
Injuries & Wounds
Diet & Nutrition
Special Topics
Pictures & Images
Health & Medical News
Drugs & Medications
Quick Drug Information
Detailed Drug Information
Combined Index
Health Centers
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Women's Health
Medical Directory



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