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About Clubs:

 Hi everyone, I have set up these clubs for people interested in Medicine. Everyone is welcome from new students to qualified medical professionals.

The idea of the club is to increase our knowledge and interest in the field of Medicine.

A few ways to do this is by quizzing each other by posting questions and answers. Sharing newly learnt information which will test your memory. Discussing topics of interest. Letting others know of interesting web sites or useful textbooks/journals. Posting mnemonics that you have found useful. Asking for help if you are stuck. Discussing what it is like in the real world Medicine including current and past research and diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The possibilities are endless, it is up to you now to enjoy meeting people with similar interests and goals. Tell your friends and colleagues about this club and come back often, I hope to meet you all soon.

 Jamal Hekmat





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