Which type of woman is your girlfriend?

INTERNET woman: woman of difficult access.

SERVER woman: always busy when you need her.

WINDOWS woman: everyone knows that she can't do a
thing right, but none can live without her.

POWERPOINT woman: only Bill Gates has the will to use
her more than half an hour.

EXCEL woman: they say she can do a lot of things but
you mostly use her for your four basical needs.

WORD woman: she has always a surprise reserved for
you, but none in the world is able to fully understand

DOS woman: everyone had her at least once, but none
wants her anymore.

BACKUP woman: you have always believed that she had
everything you need, but  when the " X-hour" comes,
you find out that she has always missed something.

VIRUS woman: also known as " wife" ; when you are not
expecting her, she comes, install herself and uses all
your resources. If you try to uninstall  her you will
lose something, if you don't try to uninstall her you
will lose everything.

SCANDISK woman: you know that she is good and that she
only wants to help you, but you never know what she is
really doing for that.

SCREENSAVER woman: she is not worth for anything, but
at least she is fun!

RAM woman: she forgets everything you say when you
disconnect her.

HARD-DISK woman: she remembers everythings, FOREVER.

MULTIMEDIA woman: she makes horrible things look

MICROSOFT woman: she wants to have the domination over
all the men she meets, and she tries to convince them
that this is the best thing for them.  She will do her
best to make you fight against the other women and
promises you that you will have everything you want if
you will give her your address book. Before you will
find it out, she will be the only one in your life. It
will come the day you will need her permission to
open your refrigerator or to start your car.

PASSWORD woman: you believe to be the only one knowing
her, but in reality  all the world does....

MP3 woman: everybody wants to take her...

MONITOR woman: She makes life looks more shining.

CD-ROM woman: she is always faster and faster.

DATAWAREHOUSING woman: she keeps you informed of
everything, except what you  really want to know.