Types of Men:

Men are of different types...

There is the:

INTERNET man:  Man of difficult access

SERVER man: Always busy when you need him

WINDOWS man: Everyone knows that he can't do a thing right, but no one can live without him

EXCEL man: They say he can do a lot of things, but you mostly use him to achieve your basic requirements

D.O.S. man: Everyone had him, but no one wants him any more

VIRUS man: Also known as spouse, when you are not expecting him, he comes , install himself and uses all your resources, if you try to uninstall him you will lose something, if you don't uninstall him you will lose everything

SCREENSAVER man: he is not worth for anything, but at least he is fun

RAM man: he forgets everything you say when you disconnect him

HARD DISK man: he remembers everything forever

MULTIMEDIA man: he makes horrible things look beautiful

USER man: he messes up everything he does and he ask always more than he needs

CD-ROM man: he is always faster and faster

E-Mail man: Every ten things he says eight are non sense