Internet Abbreviations and Acronyms


Since I know you all love chatting, here's a list of commonly used abbreviations around the internet that you might want to use:
















afaik as far as I know
afk away from the keyboard
asap as soon as possible
atb all the best
atm at the moment
b/c because
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bf boyfriend
bfn bye for now
bg big grin
biab back in a bit
brb be right back
btw by the way
cu see you
cya see ya
d/c disconnect
d/l download
f female
faq frequently asked questions
fyi for your information
<g> grin
gf girlfriend
gg good game
gj good job
gl good luck
gmta great minds think alike
gtg got to go
h&k hug and kiss
ilu i love you
imho in my humble opinion
iou i owe you
im instant messenger
lmao laughing my ass off
lmk let me know
m male
iow in other words
irl in real life
jk just kidding
k okay
kit keep in touch (or Admin_VipersKitty!)
lol laughing out loud
ltns long time no see
ltr later
msg message
myob mind your own business
n/m never mind
ne1 anyone
np no problem
oic oh I see
omg oh my god
ott over the top
pdq pretty damn quick
plz please
pov point of view
ppl people
qt cutie
r are
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
s/o sod off
sry sorry
swalk sealed with a loving kiss
tc take care
thx thanks
tlc tender loving care
tmi too much information
tq thank you
ttfn ta ta for now
ttyl talk to you later
ty thank you
u you
vip very important person (or Admin_Viper!!)
w/ with
w/o without
wb welcome back
wbs write back soon
yw you're welcome
Zzzz you're boring me