@@The many faces of Michael Jackson@@

Singer Michael Jackson is back in the spotlight as he testifies in the court case in which he is being sued by his promoter for $21.2m (#14m).

Jackson's appearance has commanded as many column inches as the case itself, fuelling speculation and comment over his facial features.

BBC News Online looks back at the many faces of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson
Jackson spoke in the Los Angeles court as a witness

Michael Jackson in 2000 and 2001
Jackson spoke at Oxford University union in 2000 (left) and visited the House of Commons in 2001

Michael Jackson
Jackson met the crowds at the Carousel of Hope, a star-studded charity gala in 2000

Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley
He briefly married Lisa-Marie Presley before splitting in 1996, when this picture was taken

Michael Jackson
Jackson's image did not change that much between 1993 (left) and 1996

Michael Jackson
Jackson appeared on Top of the Pops in 1989 (left) and by 1992 he had radically changed how he looked

Michael Jackson
His famous Thriller video brought worldwide fame in 1984 (left) and by 1988 and he was still a musical success story

Michael Jackson
Jackson looked very different aged 14 in 1972 (left). Seven years later he appeared on BBC Radio 1