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10 years ago  

It is not the fault of the student if he fails

Bill Gates' Advice to Students  
How to bankrupt bill gates (Persian)  
Nice clothes for girls  

Colors of the months

Faces by words  
Baby face by words  
The many faces of Michael Jackson  

Internet abbreviations

IP info  
IP Whois  
Some nice posters  
Why worry?  
Medical records  
Medical terms  
Mind reader  

Peace in various languages


Quotations1 - (Persian)

Quotations2 - (English)  

Images of Mother


View from Satellite


When you step into a shower, ...!?


Good news and the Bad news


Stupid Computer Buyers


To Realize ...


Types of Men

Types of Women  

زن زندگی شما کدوم ايناست؟

!گضنفر جان سلام!  
ماهواره چه مي‌با‌شد؟  
لغت نامه مهندسين در جلسات كارفرما  
رزم ويروس و رستم  
پسر کوچکی روزی در هنگام راه رفتن در خيابان... ٫  
ديكشنري انگليسي به فارسي پارسيك  
Brain teaser  
Baby Names  



Boy-Girl - 1  
Boy-Girl - 2  
Boy-Girl - 3  
Boy-Girl - 4  
I love you in various languages (1)  
I love you in various languages (2)  

If You love someone, Set her free...

The meaning of Love and Marriage  

Love Quotes

The meaning of Kiss  
What they really means  

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Men & Women and Ages (1)  
Men & Women and Ages (2)  

What women want in a man!

Woman Dictionary  

How impress a woman/man


Men Are Hard To Please

Perfect love  

25 "Facts" About Women


99 Secrets girls have to know about guys

99 Girls Pick up lines!  
Man vs. Woman  
Installing LOVE  



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